News Release – LovEvolutionaries cross America in a Magic Love Bus to Heal Divisions and spread the LovEvolution.

NEWS: LovEvolutionaries cross America in a Magic Love Bus to Heal Divisions and spread the LovEvolution.


June 5th, 2012

CONTACT: Patrick Hennessey (Kernel Love Joy on the Bus) by replying from this website or calling 612 385-3563.

The 2012 Magic Love Bus Journey is dedicated to “healing divisions – coast to coast” by bringing people of all colors, creeds and classes together on the Bus to share music, food, ideas and their hearts.

The Bus is metaphorically and literally a platform for free expression and a vehicle for personal and group transformation. It has a new rooftop stage and sound system, which it has been providing free to musicians, performers, speakers and audiences across America.

The crew has been sharing food, music, dancing, campfires, mind and heart opening movies and hosting discussions at local gatherings along the route as a way of raising social consciousness to heal divisions and create heart based connections.  They’ve also been recording interviews and sharing what they learn on their cross country field trip online at

The 2012 Magic Love Bus Journey launched from San Francisco's Ocean Beach on Saturday, April 14 with a cast off ceremony that included ritual, dancing and music.  The Journey has so far traveled down the coast of California, through the Southwest and is now in Austin, Texas on its way into the deep south and up the East Coast (see for “Bus Route” and documentation of the journey)., the web community sponsoring the journey, was founded late last year by a couple who participated in Occupy Wall Street in NYC and came to believe that true transformational change required a heart based LovEvolution that was inclusive of all people, not just 99%. They are part of the seven member crew that’s bringing the Bus to dozens of locations en route to the east coast.

The Magic Love Bus has led every Love Parade in San Francisco for a decade and is now taking the spirit of this famous love parade across America. They invite anyone to connect with them on the bus or online at to get on board for the LovEvolution.

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About the LovEvolution Solution – The is a volunteer-based organization that promotes and participates in a global movement to awaken the creative dreamer and lover within all people, with the goal of healing ourselves, each other and the world.

Recent Radio Interview with the crew of the Magic Love Bus about "Healing Divisions, Coast to Coast". Click here, to listen.



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