Get On The Bus

The 2012 Magic Love Bus Journey is a collective adventure. We need the enthusiastic participation of many spirits, both on the bus and online, to manifest it fully. There are many ways to be a part of this collaborative journey:












Help us  crew the Magic Love Bus. We are still looking for a talented LovEvolutionary  to document the cross country journey and share video updates online. We are also looking for a health and wellness person, with experience teaching yoga, planning and cooking vegetarian meals and who is a licensed massage therapist. Might this be you or someone you know?

Suggest ideas & stops for our ongoing journey. We need help planning and organizing the stops we'll make as we cross the country. Please view our route map on the home page and suggest people/groups along the route who we can collaborate with in co -creating events. We are open to any ideas for creating or joining events that bring people together to raise consciousness about creating a just and sustainable world.

• Catch up with the Magic Love Bus & climb aboard to visit at any one of its many stops across North America during the spring/summer of 2012. Share the gift of your presence. You can contribute your energy and good will to the collective journey. To see when and where the bus will be stopping, visit our "Bus Schedule".

• Sign up below for Updates about the 2012 Magic Love Bus Journey.

• Bring organic food to share with all comers during our communal meals.

• Promote the Magic Love Bus Journey online and invite your friends to join the journey.

•  Tag Us in Your Photos. Visit to tag us.

Make a donation to help cover our travel and communal meal expenses.  Checks should be made out to the “LovEvolution Solution” and mailed to Patrick Hennessey (aka - Kernel Love Joy 😉 at: 5722 South Flamingo Road, #355 Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33330.

... And of course, don't forget to register at the You'll be able to take part in discussions, meet other LovEvolutionaries and share ideas to help shape the world to come.