Elvis Gets on Board for the LovEvolution in Vegas

To me, the Las Vegas Strip epitomizes America at its most pornographic, crass, poisonous and commercialized extreme. The Strip is America’s Sodom and Gomorrah, riddled with toxic inflammatory food, fake glitz and glamour and soul sucking activities. Women and sex are objectified and peddled on sidewalks and on billboards pulled by trucks up and down the Vegas Strip and nothing is sacred.

More than anywhere, Vegas, especially the Strip, needs the LovEvolution. So the Magic Love Bus brought it to them by cruising up and down the Strip, while LovEvolutionaries on the Bus, including Elvis, sang Beattles’ love songs and invited people to get on the Bus for the LovEvolution. On the side of the Bus played an animation encouraging people to “Bet on themselves”.

But most people on the strip were there to bet on “winning” money, drink, “getting lucky” and or some other distraction. The few who did come near the Bus typically asked what it cost. But in Vegas, who can blame them for being skeptical.

Yet despite the odds, we attracted a busload of beautiful and animated people. We had a blast singing and calling out to everyone on the strip.  And Elvis found a new calling – “Make the best gamble on the strip. Bet on yourself and get on board for the LovEvolution. Thank you very much.”



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