2012 Magic Love Bus Journey co sponsoring gathering on Hopi Land on Memorial Day.

2012 Magic Love Bus Journey is coming to Hopi Land to co-sponsor a One Heart Memorial Day gathering with Titus Farm.

LOCATION: Titus Farm on Highway 264 between mile markers 361 and 362 (8 miles from Hoteville).

The 2012 Magic Love Bus Journey is a coast to coast journey dedicated to turning people of all races, creeds and classes on to the Global Awakening and to healing divisions by evolving through love.

On Memorial Day, Monday May 28th, beginning at 2pm, the crew of the Magic Love Bus and members of Titus Farm invite people to come to Titus Farm to share delicious food, drumming, dancing and movies about the global prophecies and the Awakening. Participants are invited to join the discussions that will follow the movies.

This event is free and open to all peoples and is family friendly and drug and alcohol free. We invite people to bring food to share. The intention of the Magic Love Bus crew and Titus Farm is to heal divisions and create heart-based connections.

To connect with the crew of the Magic Love Bus online visit www.magiclovebus.org. The crew of the Magic Love Bus seeks to listen and learn about what is alive in the hearts and minds of the people of Hopi.

On its journey across North America the Magic Love Bus is serving as a platform for free expression and a vehicle for personal and group transformation. The bus has a rooftop stage for performers and speakers and has an outdoor movie theater and sound stage.  People are invited to bring their instruments and open hearts to this gathering.

About the LovEvolution Solution - the sponsors of the 2012 Magic Love Bus Journey:

LovEvolutionSolution.org is a volunteer-based organization that promotes and participates in a global movement to awaken the creative dreamer and lover within all people, with the goal of healing ourselves, each other and the world.

About Titus Farm - Hopi Land

 The Oneheart Purification Centre at Titus Farm serves all who seek the way of life that is in accord with Creator's Law and Universal Order. It also answers the prophetic vision of Titus Qomayumptewa (Hopi Elder)describing the land he farmed on for many years, that it will become a meeting ground for many people from around the world, who want to help in the fulfillment of the Plan to make Earth the Portal of Peace. To learn more visit http://www.shaketheanthill.net/en/creators-law



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